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Needle adapter

What are needle adapters?

With the help of Needle adapter, , test adapter or spring pin adapter PCBs can be subjected to certain functional or IC tests. The desired test points are contacted directly with contacting elements (spring contact probes) and measured. Through this contacting, the quality of the individual process steps of printed circuit boards or other circuit carriers can be examined at various points in time. 

Nadeladapter / ICT-Prüfadapter - Prüf- und Messvorrichtung Musterbau Amann
Nadeladapter / ICT-Prüfadapter - Prüf- und Messvorrichtung Musterbau Amann
Nadeladapter / Prüfadapter - Prüf- und Messvorrichtung Musterbau Amann

Unpopulated PCBs are usually checked for short circuits and interruptions.  Assembled printed circuit boards, on the other hand, can be assigned to the In-Circuit-Test (ICT) subjected to and be flashed. In addition to the above, a partial or total function of the circuit can be checked at the end of the function test (FCT). If required, the needle adapter can also be used for Debugging .

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Whether ICT, functional test (FCT), flashing or debugging - We are your partner for your needle adapter

No matter what size or shape your PCB has, we design and manufacture your needle adapter explicitly for your stated wishes and requirements. It is also no problem whether the contacting is to take place assembled, unassembled, in the housing or via a contact plug. We design your needle adapter exactly according to your ideas. We guarantee sophisticated solutions, the highest quality and gentle contacting of your PCB.

Nadelkontaktierung - Nadeladapter - Prüf- und Messvorrichtung Musterbau Amann

Needle adapter for the in-circuit test (ICT)

The In-Circuit-Test (ICT) is a test procedure in electronics manufacturing to prove the correct function of electronic components or assemblies. In ICT, the focus is on testing the components and the electronic connections of an assembled PCB. With our special needle adapters, the PCBs can be tested for defects in the conductor path (such as short circuits or interruptions), soldering defects and component defects. In conjunction with our needle adapters, the ICT test system can measure analogue parameters of components (resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc.) using various measuring methods and thus detect incorrectly assembled or defective components.

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In 4 steps to your individual needle adapter

Step 1
Requirements & Analysis

In order for us to get started with the design of your construction, we first need to learn more about your project. In a meeting, we discuss and analyze the basic wishes and requirements together. Let us talk about your project together. We look forward to getting to know your project!

Step 2
Development & Construction

Unsere fähigen Mitarbeiter entwickeln und konstruieren ganz nach Ihren genannten Wünschen und Anforderungen verschiedene qualitativ hochwertige Lösungskonzepte. Selbstverständlich bieten wir diese Konzepte in unterschiedlichen Preissegmenten an, ganz nach Ihrem zur Verfügung stehenden Budget.

Step 3
Feedback Loops

Our design is not complete until you say it is. We always contact you during the development and design process and clarify our intention with you.

Step 4
Manufacturing & Delivery

After we, with your approval, complete the development and design of your project, we will manufacture and deliver your customized product within the shortest possible time.